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F/V Isabel & Lilee

Fresh Sea Scallops (1LB)

Fresh Sea Scallops (1LB)

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Fresh wild-caught day boat sea scallops. Scallops are harvested off our boat, the F/V Isabel and Lilee and caught by Captain Chris Merl. By buying direct, you are supporting a local Cape Cod fishing family and supporting the effort to eat LOCAL seafood. So THANK YOU for trusting us to provide the freshest scallops!


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where do I pickup my order?

At checkout you will need to select a location where you can pickup your order locally, we currently do not offer shipping.

can you freeze scallops?

Yes! They are so fresh that freezing them is an excellent option, and you will NOT notice the difference in taste.

what are sea scallops?

A scallop is a prized bivalve mollusk, belonging to the Pectinidae family, known for its sweet flavor, and typically found in the Atlantic Ocean; the edible part is the adductor muscle, which facilitates shell movement.

how do you thaw scallops?

Simply pull them from the freezer and put into the fridge the night before you plan to eat them!

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